3rd edition: meet the winners!

We are excited to introduce to you the 3rd edition’s winners. Marysia and Kacper will spend their two last years of high school at Leysin American School studying in a beautiful Alpine setting! Natalia will visit Leysin in only a few months to participate in LAS edge, a summer school program highlighting the school’s mission statement of “developing innovative, compassionate, and responsible citizens of the world.”



My name is Marysia and I am currently a first-year student and the vice-president of the 3rd High School in Opole, Poland. My main passions are global politics, arts and volunteering. I am a member of the European Youth Parliament Poland and have participated in multiple sessions of the Model United Nations (MUN). In my opinion, they are a great opportunity to broaden horizons, develop yourself, see and understand other points of view, and state your opinion. I had a pleasure to be selected and represent my country as the Polish delegation at the International Session of EYP in Rotterdam. I am involved at the local theatre where I volunteer, play as a supernumerary in Romeo and Juliet, and belong to a youth theatre group. At my school, as a member of an arts group, I spend a lot of time and energy writing scripts, adapting them to the stage, and performing. I also do athletics, ski, ride a bike, swim and volunteer not only in the theatre.



My name is Kacper and I am an academic mathematics class student at VIII Liceum Ogólnokształcące in Poznan. I am interested in mathematics, physics and IT, especially programming, and I have won awards in maths and programming competitions at a national level. In addition to school interests, I train rowing in Poznan, swim recreationally and I am associated with the animal sanctuary in Świebodzin as a volunteer. I am a scholar of Krajowy Fundusz na Rzecz Dzieci. This year, after moving to Poznań, I start to pay close attention to the problems caused by air pollution. This is why, now, I participate in a number of projects that aim to make a positive impact on our environment. Thanks to these initiatives, I can not only improve my skills and understanding of the world around me, but possibly also contribute to improving the lives of others.



I am Natalia and I am a student at Adam Mickiewicz’s High School in Katowice, where I attend the pre-IB class. I am a member of the Student Council, a participant of a debating club, the leader of a social project promoting culture and I also volunteer for two charities. In my free time, I adore reading books, especially biographies or reportages, as I enjoy getting to know the history of different countries, their cultures, and daily life. Moreover, I am keen on learning languages, currently, I am able to speak English, French, and German, nevertheless, I look forward to getting familiar with Arabic and Russian. I regularly attend Model United Nations and European Youth Parliament conferences, as they give me not only a possibility to understand the complexity of some global issues but also a chance to develop public speaking skills. My dream field of study at a university is Philosophy, Politics & Economics. In future, I hope to become a diplomat.